Press congratulate the successful opening of Pearl Lam Galleries new exhibition ‘After Time’


HK Tatler | 24 July 2014

After Time at Pearl Lam Galleries

By Hong Kong Tatler


Artinasia | 22 July 2014

After Time

By Karen Wong


Ocula | 24 July, 2014

Chung Seoyoung, Erica Lai, Morgan Wong After Time at Pearl Lam Galleries, Hong Kong

By Anna Dickie


Lifestyle Journal Website | 24 July 2014

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‘ “時後”群展’  Group show ‘After Time’


Arts-news | 24 July 2014

‘After Time’



Artron | 24 July 2014

‘中韩新三位艺术家联合展出《时后》’ After Time, a group show of artists from China, Korea and Singapore.



JET Magazine (Facebook) | 24 July 2014

The face book post recommends two exhibition openings today, including a highlight of After Time with an image of Morgan Wong’s piece.