CITY WEEKEND | Art Review: Inexplicable at Pearl Lam Galleries

Wed, Jul 19, 2017 04:25 PM | by Niesha Davis


18 Chinese artists explore societal changes in China


Since embracing global capitalism in the 1980’s China has become a global force to be reckoned with, now boosting the second largest economy in the world. This great leap forward hasn’t been without cultural shifts as the country has moved from an agrarian to an industrial powerhouse of sorts. Inexplicable, on at Pearl Lam Galleries is a group exhibition featuring 18 young Chinese artists and their created works that deal with the changing landscape of Chinese culture. The show explores Chinese traditions in the wake of current modernizations, as well as science fiction, literary narrative and social realism.



Perhaps in an ode to ancient Chinese culture, “Waves” by Xia Qingyong uses baby blue and light pink Chinese pigments on soft, finely textured xuan (rice) paper to create ethereal water waves on canvas. Not merely any ordinary painting, it should not be lost on the viewer how the choice of colors, painting technique, and even the choice of paper used, all work together to reinforce the  Lao Zi philosophy of conquering the unyielding by actually yielding.


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