Sydney Contemporary 2015


Stand D03

VIP Preview: 9 September, 4–8pm

Opening Night: 10 September, 5–9pm

General Opening Hours: 10 September, 11am–5pm; 11 September, 11am–7pm; 12 September, 10am–6pm; 13 September, 10am–5pm

Carriageworks, 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh NSW 2015, Sydney, Australia

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Left: Leonardo Drew b. 1961, Number 135D, 2012, Wood, paint on paper in Plexiglas box, 101.5 x 114.5 x 48 cm

Middle: Zhu Jinshi b. 1954, Song of Lhasa 2, 2012, Oil on canvas, 180 x 160 cm

Right: John Young b. 1956, Field Avatar I, 2015, Oil on linen, 164.5 x 220 cm

Sydney—Pearl Lam Galleries is pleased to announce the Galleries’ participation in Sydney Contemporary 2015, presenting new works by leading Australian artists alongside works by other acclaimed artists from different regions at stand D03. The second edition of this largest fair in Australia will be open to the public from 10–13 September, 2015 and will bring together Australian and international galleries.

Highlights at the Galleries’ stand will include works by prominent Australian artists Ben Quilty and John Young. Works by Chinese abstract artists Li Tianbing, Pan Jian, Qin Yufen, Qiu Deshu, Ren Ri, Su Dong Ping, Su Xiaobai, and Zhu Jinshi will also be on show, alongside works by emerging Hong Kong artist Morgan Wong, Indonesian artist Gatot Pujiarto, Korean artist Kwang Young Chun, as well as acclaimed artists Leonardo Drew, Jenny Holzer, Jason Martin, Antony Micallef, Peter Peri, and Carlos Rolón/Dzine. Although these artists work with a variety of mediums and subject matters, they all contribute to the Galleries’ mission of stimulating cross-cultural dialogue on contemporary art between China, the rest of Asia, and the West.

Oil on linen works by Melbourne-based artist John Young, entitled Field Avatar I (2015) and Spectrum (2015), will be key highlights at the Pearl Lam Galleries stand at the fair. The Galleries will also be presenting an artist talk by John Young, “The abstract project: a lifetime in a day”, where the artist will talk about his series of paintings that aims to renew the process of abstract art making. Ironically coining this process as “Human-Computer Friendship”, Young utilises fast computer processing, appropriation, and the affective technique of oil painting in the hope of preserving valued resonances from the last century for our phantasmagoric condition of hyper-capitalism today.

English artist Antony Micallef will be making his Australian debut at the Pearl Lam Galleries stand with his oil on French linen work Self-Portrait with Blue Slash No. 1 (2015). Micallef’s ambitious and opulent canvases examine this generation’s complex relationship with consumerism and indulgence.

Pearl Lam Galleries will also bring to Australia works by Leonardo Drew, Number 8C (2014) and Number 135D (2012), for the first time. The Florida-born artist incorporates found objects into his work, such as real tree roots, animal skulls, and even a dead bird. In this way, his art can be seen as an exploration of decay and death. All things must die, but civilisation, and by extension art itself, can also be created from the remnants of the past. Drew will be presenting a solo exhibition in Hong Kong in November.

Zhu Jinshi’s oil on canvas work Song of Lhasa 2 (2012) will be another highlight at the Pearl Lam Galleries stand. Zhu synthesises Chinese sensibilities with an international visual language. Using traditional Chinese aesthetics, Zhu’s canvases incorporate a series of “mind images” that emphasise the harmony between mankind and the natural world.

Works by Shenyang-based Su Dong Ping will be presented in Australia for the first time. At Pearl Lam Galleries’ stand, Su Dong Ping’s 2015No.32, 2015No.69, and 2015No.70 will be on show. The Chinese abstract artist presented his first inaugural solo exhibition at Pearl Lam Galleries in Shanghai. Tension is at the heart of Su Dong Ping’s works; for him, the act of painting is an emotional and psychological necessity. The artist’s works are informed by his formative years, which occurred during and in the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution.

Peter Peri’s Potudan (2014) and Gatot Pujiarto’s Perjumpaan Terlarang (Forbidden Meeting) (2014) will be also be exhibited. Peri works with paint-markers and spray paint, which he first discovered as a young graffiti artist in London, while Pujiarto’s works explore abnormalities, weirdness, and tragedy with unique textures created by pasting, patching, layering, tearing, binding, and by making fabric patterns.

Apart from presenting works at the stand, Pearl Lam will be speaking in a public panel, “How Australia Sees Itself Through Art”, which will be part of the fair’s keynote talks programme (Saturday, 12 Sept, 10:30–11:30am). The panel discussion will explore how Australia, a young country in the process of creating an identity, represents a culture that is unsure of itself. Other panelists include Abdul Abdullah, Christian Thompson, and Fiona Hall.

About Pearl Lam Galleries

Founded by Pearl Lam, Pearl Lam Galleries is a driving force within Asia’s contemporary art scene. With over 20 years of experience exhibiting Asian and Western art and design, it is one of the leading and most established contemporary art galleries to be launched out of China.

Playing a vital role in stimulating international dialogue on Chinese and Asian contemporary art, the Galleries is dedicated to championing artists who re-evaluate and challenge perceptions of cultural practice from the region. The Galleries in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore collaborate with renowned curators, each presenting distinct programming from major solo exhibitions, special projects, and installations to conceptually rigorous group shows. Based on the philosophy of Chinese Literati where art forms have no hierarchy, Pearl Lam Galleries is dedicated to breaking down boundaries between different disciplines, with a unique gallery model committed to encouraging cross-cultural exchange.

Contemporary Chinese abstract art is heavily represented in the Galleries roster. Influential Chinese artists Zhu Jinshi and Su Xiaobai, who synthesise Chinese sensibilities with an international visual language, are presented internationally with work now included in major private and public collections worldwide. The Galleries has also introduced leading international artists such as Leonardo Drew, Jenny Holzer, Carlos Rolón/Dzine and Yinka Shonibare MBE (RA) to markets in the region, providing opportunities for new audiences in Asia to encounter their work. Pearl Lam Galleries encourages international artists to create new work which engages specifically with the region-collaborating to produce thought-provoking, culturally relevant work.