Du Zhenjun (b. 1961)

Du Zhenjun was born in Shanghai in 1961. He graduated from the University of Shanghai’s School of Fine Arts in 1986, and taught there until he left for Bordeaux, France in 1992. In 1998, Du received a Masters in Digital Space at the Regional School of Fine Arts in Rennes, France. He currently lives in Shanghai and Paris.

Du Zhenjun has a background in classical painting and sculpture, but now works primarily in digital media as he believes it is the most relevant way of making art – “a way of working on the dimension of power inherent to a society of information and new technologies.” His interactive new media installations and digitally manipulated photographs have made him one of China’s most recognized digital artists, winning awards in the global art arena. In 2003, he broke new ground with his 2003 Paris exhibition Too Heavy for Human Beings, which is recognized as the first solo exhibition in French digital art history. His work deals with tragedy and what he considers as the universal human condition. He sources some of his images from mass media outlets, including television, magazines, newspapers, and the Internet.

His solo exhibitions include Babel World (2015), Pearl Lam Galleries, China; Babel Empire (2014), Château de Chambord, Château de Lunéville, France; Babel-world/Du Zhenjun (2013), ZKM | Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany; La Tour de Babel (2011), Maison de la Culture de Metz, and Galerie RX, Paris, France; Interactivités (2010), L’institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan; and Virtual Politics (2009), Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, China. His works are in collections around the world including Kadist Art Foundation (Paris, San Francisco), Société Générale (France), DSL Collection (France), ZKM Karlsruhe (Germany), and Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (China).