Gao Weigang (b. 1976)

Born in Heilongjiang province, China in 1976, Gao Weigang graduated from the Tianjing Academy of Fine Arts, where he majored in oil painting. Currently, he lives and works in Beijing.

An intensely versatile artist whose works employ a wide range of media, including painting, sculpture, installation and performance, Gao Weigang evades categorization of his artworks into a particular genre. His language makes each piece both the apparatus and the product of experiment, transforming objects so they break through the audience’s natural and ideological perceptions of the material world. Gao’s creations are also personal: they are milestones in the artist’s quest of self-reflection and a constant reexamination of himself. Despite the many artistic forms and materials Gao Weigang adopts and the great aesthetic variations throughout his works, they all reflect his intention to challenge the viewer’s accustomed visual culture with a sense of humor and an overriding hint of skepticism. Whether it is painting, sculpture or installation, the artist manages to retain a strong sense of medium-specificity, prompting questions to the audiences to rethink about how accurate their common knowledge and perception is.

Gao has widely exhibited across mainland China as well as in Hong Kong, Singapore, London, and New York City. His works have been collected by many art institutions and foundations such as the Burger Collection in Switzerland, the DSL Collection in Paris, Long Museum in Shanghai, White Rabbit Collection in Sydney, Yuz Museum in Jakarta, and the Louis Vuitton Group in Hong Kong, etc. Gao Weigang won Art HK 2011’s Art Futures award in recognition of his artistry and the originality of his work.