Huang Yuanqing (b. 1963)

Huang Yuanqing was born in 1963 in Shanghai. He graduated from Shanghai Normal University of Fine Arts in 1989. Currently, he lives and works in Shanghai.


Huang Yuanqing integrates Eastern and Western techniques and approaches to abstract painting. Skilled as a calligrapher, Huang’s paintings take a contemporary literati position, working from the traditional concept that painting and calligraphy stem from the same source. Guided by lines, profuse layers of colour, and textures, Huang’s intuitive language emerges slowly, appearing flexible yet precise; it possesses a rhythmic intelligence that guides each resulting work. Contrary to the principles of calligraphy, however, Huang’s paintings are created over a period of time, sometimes taking months or even years. He occasionally suspends his process and output, which allows time to play a critical and essential role in the completion of a finished work.


The artist’s recent solo exhibitions include Motives of Lines Huang Yuanqing solo exhibition (2018), Pearl Lam Galleries, Hong Kong, China;Huang Yuanqing (2016), Gallery Albrecht, Berlin, Germany; Ink (2016) AroundSpace, Shanghai, China; No Border (2014), Red Town Art Centre, Shanghai, China; and Huang Yuanqing (2013), Sanjyo Gion Gallery, Kyoto, Japan. He has also been featured in group exhibitions such as Envision (2016), AroundSpace Gallery, Shanghai, China; Utopia (2013), Mingyuan Art Centre, Shanghai, China; and Paintings (2013), James Cohan Gallery, Shanghai, China.