Qian Jiahua (b. 1987)

Born in 1987 in Shanghai, China, Qian Jiahua graduated with a BA from the China Academy of Art in 2011. She currently lives and works Hangzhou, China.

Visually provocative, her canvases, often properly seen as parts of painting-installations, are carefully layered with colours that come through only when physically regarded by the eye. Her paintings possess rigid accuracy but musical cadence. Populating her canvases with areas of colour, subtly un-geometric shapes and conscientiously placed lines, Qian joins some of the most interesting artists today in questioning the category of abstraction.

Experimenting with how spatial delineation and colours can affect perception, Qian Jiahua stacks, divides, and polishes, building layers upon layers to construct her paintings. Instead of sketching or designing, Qian Jiahua derives inspiration from experiences, memories, and desire. Examining her paintings, the viewer can trace the artist’s extemporaneous process of building the architectural forms.

Qian has received significant critical attention, having been included in curated exhibitions at Long Museum, Shanghai, China; Time Art Museum, Beijing, China; art-st-urban, Lucerne, Switzerland; among others.