Yudi Sulistyo (b. 1972)

Born in 1972 in Yogyarkarta, Central Java, Indonesia, Yudi Sulistyo graduated from the Art Institute Yogyarkarta with a degree in Design and Visual Communication in 1994. He currently lives and works in Indonesia.

Sulistyo’s realistic sculptures of militaristic equipment and other mechanical objects are made primarily of pasteboards, with their details created by repurposing mundane and common household objects like bottle caps and matchboxes. The artist’s interest in creating such equipment with near indistinguishable likeness to their functional counterparts stems from his childhood, which was spent watching war movies with his father and creatively fixing scrapped toys for his own enjoyment. For him, his works have nothing to do with the nature of the military, nor do they explicitly comment on war. The intricacy and realism of his sculptures reveal the artist’s remarkable craftsmanship and diligence.

Sulistyo’s work has been widely exhibited throughout Indonesia and around the world, including in Singapore, South Korea, Italy, England, and France. Some of his previous exhibitions include After Utopia (2015), Singapore Art Museum, Singapore; Shout! Indonesian Contemporary Art (2014), Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, Italy; and Flight for Light: Indonesian Art and Religiosity (2011), Art:1, Jakarta, Indonesia.