Zen Teh (b. 1988)

Zen Teh (b. 1988, Singapore) graduated with a BA (Hons) in Art Design Media in 2011 from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore with a specialisation in photography and digital imaging. An emerging Singaporean artist dealing in the photographic arts through the perspective of painting, Teh is constantly investigating alternative ways of photography and image making to raise environmental awareness.

Teh photographs landscapes and explores environmental issues across the globe. Her work addresses the implications of global development on the natural environment. As an environmentalist living in Singapore, Teh produces artworks that are concerned with underlying issue caused by the rapidly changing landscape in Singapore – the interrelationship between human behavior and nature. In doing so, Teh strives to further the appreciation and conservation of natural landscapes. She also actively engages in interdisciplinary collaborations across different fields to enrich her knowledge in environment and approach in image making.

Teh’s work has been represented in both group and solo exhibitions. In 2014, she presented works as part of The Art Incubator 5: From When We Last Met, held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore. Most recently. Teh held her second solo exhibition, Sensing States: Healing Spaces (2015), at Art Science Museum, Singapore. She currently lives and works in Singapore.