Pearl Lam Design at Porsche Design Concept Store

Featuring works by Studio Reinier Bosch, Studio Swine,

Bouke de Vries, XYZ Design, and Danful Yang

With the support of Chandon sparkling winesUntitled1

London—Pearl Lam Design and Porsche Design are proud to present a design exhibition at the Porsche Design 345 square metre Concept Store on Brompton Road in London from 16 October–7 November.

The exhibition is a perfect collaboration between Pearl Lam Design and Porsche Design, the luxury brand founded in 1972 by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche whose products have stood for functional, timeless and purist design.

For over 20 years, Pearl Lam has been an advocate for design as an art form in China and around the world, inviting established and emerging designers, both international and local, to push the boundaries of traditional Chinese art and craft techniques. Designers are tasked with creating new works that embody their experiences in China by using, or reinventing, traditional art and crafts which date back as far as 5,000 years ago. The works embody the gallery’s cultivation of Chinese philosophy and aesthetics in craftsmanship, while exploring Western perspectives of China.

The exhibition will feature works by designers from Asia and Europe, creating a dialogue between the East and West and emphasising the cross-fertilisation of ideas. Chinese craftsmanship and European techniques combine to create a refined edge to contemporary design.

Amongst the designers, Danful Yang (Shanghai) delves into the history of art and design, incorporating objects and materials in playfully unexpected ways. She explores Chinese arts and crafts techniques, alongside contemporary issues of consumerism and globalisation.

XYZ Design is a design consortium led by Pearl Lam. This collective group of artists and designers work with the guiding principal that art is an inclusive, not exclusive, medium and that they should be free to experiment with new modes of expression, new materials, and new techniques.

Both Bouke de Vries and Reinier Bosch are European artists and designers who took part in Pearl Lam Design’s artist-in-residence programme in China to create specific pieces which reflect their encounters and journeys in China. While de Vries works with porcelain and ceramics, Bosch aims at creating pieces that optimally conduct the energy of the universe.

Studio Swine is co-founded by Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves. Studio Swine explores design through material innovation and creating new sustainable systems whilst placing an equal importance on aesthetics, believing that desire is the greatest agent of change.