25 March–15 May, 2018

Ganjiakou 303

ZHU JINSHI solo exhibition



Shanghai—Pearl Lam Galleries is pleased to present Ganjiakou 303, Zhu Jinshi’s first solo exhibition in Shanghai. The exhibition focuses on Zhu’s apartment art by incorporating installations and paintings from 1979 up to the present day. Over 20 works will be divided into three sections, with each section occupying its own separate yet interlinked space, including the basement of the gallery.

The concept of apartment art was brought up by art scholar Gao Minglu, who is also the curator of this exhibition, in reference to the art activities spontaneously initiated by Chinese artists in private spaces in the mid-1990s when public contemporary art spaces were very limited. Apartment art works are often based on an artist’s family and personal living environment and include happenings and difficult- to-preserve features. Low-cost, pocket-sized or small-scale, and ephemeral, these works retain the inseparable relationship between artists and their specific life situations, while at the same time consciously confront the firm rigidity of domestic and international art systems.

Selected works