Dust from the Heart: Five Chinese Women Artists and their Journeys

‘Dust from the Heart’ – a reference to the Chinese proverb Yi Chen Bu Ran  (“dust free”) commonly used to describe an individual free from anguish, grief, and suffering. The exhibition is seeking to explore how different women artists have reacted individually to the unique historical, social and cultural context of contemporary China. In exploring the personal journeys of five Chinese women artists as well as what constitute “dust” in their hearts, this exhibition places their artistic works within the historical evolution of women’s movements. These five artists each come from varying familybackgrounds and demonstrate in their own manner how women artists are willing to openly put forward their own personal sensibilities and experiences. Xiao Lu, He Chengyao, Ciu Xiuwen, Cai Jin, and Juju Sun, all vary in terms of methods, experiences and aims for their art but collectively they broaden and enrich the artistic and societal discourse running through China today.