Three Hundred Leafs: Su Xiaobai’s Installation

Three Hundred Leafs is a metaphor that draws on the harmony between one’s living habits and one’s state of mind. No matter how chaotic the world becomes, one can always take refuge in one’s personal space. Su Xiaobai’s site-specific installation consists of lacquered red, black, and plain roof tiles from abandoned Qing dynasty houses in Fujian province suspended at an angle to create a visual field, along with a floor piece ground the entire work.

The artist is influenced by Western modernism in forms and material, as well as Chinese culture. Su’s Chinese lacquered ‘leafs’ present literati values of sentiment and restraint, while illustrating a strong contrast between the domestic/vernacular and the classical aesthetics informed by European tradition, which permeates the hotel’s interior décor. This ultimately accentuates the rich and colourful legacy of The Peninsula Hong Kong.