13 January–8 March, 2014


Mr Chow aka Zhou Yinghua ~O-O~



HONG KONG—Michael Chow, the famous restaurateur behind ‘Mr Chow’ Chinese restaurants worldwide, will present his first ever solo exhibition, Recipe for a Painter, opening 13 January 2014 in Hong Kong at Pearl Lam Galleries.

For Chow, who paints under the pseudonym ‘Yinghua’—his Chinese name, the exhibition represents a return to his cultural heritage after a break of more than 50 years during which he became a prominent figure within the US art scene, as well as a serious collector of contemporary art. For Pearl Lam Galleries, Yinghua’s work embodies its continuous desire to stimulate cross-cultural dialogue and cultural exchange between East and West.Recipe for a Painter will present a series of very large-scale mixed-media canvases, each created using a wide variety of precious and household materials including gold leaf and silver, trash, acrylic paint, melted metal, and other found items. Yinghua describes his artistic practice as intrinsically linked to his cultural heritage and ongoing relationship with China, a country with which he has a complex history.

Selected works