Art Basel in Hong Kong 2016


Art Basel in Hong Kong 2016 Stand 1D15

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Private view: 22 March 2016 – 23 March 2016

Vernissage: 23 March 2016

Public Days: 24 March 2016 – 26 March 2016

Oil with bees wax on French linen

Antony Micallef, b. 1975, Self-portrait with Green, 2015, Oil with bees wax on French linen 112 x 135 cm (44 1/8 x 53 1/8 in.)

Pearl Lam Galleries is delighted to participate in Art Basel in Hong Kong for the fourth time, across two sectors. In addition, two exhibitions will be opening during the week of Art Basel in Hong Kong at the Galleries’ Hong Kong exhibition spaces at the Pedder Building and SOHO 189.



Stand 1D15, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Pearl Lam Galleries will once again participate in the prestigious Galleries sector of the show, premiering important new works by leading international artists including Antony Micallef, fellow British painter and sculptor Peter Peri, Australian Dale Frank, Tibetan Gonkar Gyatso, and three of China’s most influential abstract artists, Qiu Deshu, Su Xiaobai, and Zhu Jinshi.

Qiu Deshu continues his experimentation with Xuan paper to create pictorial fields with cracks and crevices that he feels are symbolic of life’s journey. Su Xiaobai’s work is recognisable by the artist’s modern usage of traditional Chinese lacquer, while Zhu Jinshi is notable for his application of thick layers of oil paint to canvas that take many years to dry.

At Art Basel in Hong Kong, the Galleries will present a new work by renowned British artist Ged Quinn for the first time. Bela Forgets the Scissors (2016) exemplifies Quinn’s exceptional technical skill and ability. In this work, he applies trompe l’oeil overlays, which appear to be a seemingly random montage of found images, photographs and cinematic stills, onto a classical European landscape. Here, Quinn references Aby Warburg’s Mnemosyne project and expands upon it through a unique and intellectual nomadism.

Last year, Pearl Lam Galleries presented beeswax sculptures by young Chinese artist Ren Ri for its inaugural exhibition at SOHO 189. This year, the artist has created new beeswax works that will also premier at the Galleries’ Art Basel in Hong Kong stand.

In total, the Galleries’ stand will showcase 13 prominent artists from around the globe, including Chun Kwang Young (b. 1944, South Korea), Dale Frank (b. 1959, Australia), Gonkar Gyatso (b. 1961, Tibet), Antony Micallef (b. 1975, United Kingdom), Peter Peri (b. 1971, United Kingdom), Qin Yufen (b. 1954, China), Qiu Deshu (b. 1948, China), Ben Quilty (b. 1973, Australia), Ged Quinn (b. 1963, United Kingdom), Ren Ri (b. 1984, China), Su Dong Ping (b. 1958, China), Su Xiaobai (b. 1949, China), and Zhu Jinshi (b. 1954, China).


Nursing Modern Fall by Inci Eviner

agnès b. CINEMA, Hong Kong Arts Centre

‘Human’s Theater’ (Part 2)                               Saturday, 26 March, 12:30pm

Pearl Lam Galleries is also delighted to be participating for the first time in the Film sector of Art Basel in Hong Kong with a film by Turkish artist Inci Eviner (b. 1956). Eviner’s three-minute short film Nursing Modern Fall (2012) will be shown on 26 March at agnès b. CINEMA as part of Art Basel in Hong Kong’s ‘Human’s Theater’ (Part 2), a series that explores onstage-backstage relationships. Eviner’s work forms a tension between the space and performing bodies, dealing with issues of identity; in particular female identity through social, cultural, historical or political perspectives.