14–30 March, 2010

Chinese Contemporary Art Group Exhibition

Featuring works by Chen Yun, Lian Xueming, Li Tianbing, Shao Fan, Shao Yan, Wang Tiande, Wei Ligang, Xue Tao, Yin Yanhua, Yi Zhou, Zhang Hao, Zhang Hong, and Zhang Huan



SHANGHAI – Contrasts Gallery is pleased to present a Chinese contemporary art group exhibition that showcases a variety of multidisciplinary artists working in ink brush, painting, sculpture, and installation. These artists are engaging in a dialogue between China and the West by reinventing Chinese traditions for the twenty-first century. Many of these artists try to reconcile China’s past with today’s consumer society and encroaching Western influences. Their works reflect their longing to preserve China’s rich cultural heritage while adapting to the changing times.

Selected works