10 June–20 August, 2017

Contestation: Mass Openness

GAO WEIGANG, FRANCIS NG dual-space duo exhibition



Singapore— Pearl Lam Galleries is pleased to announce its second dual-space exhibition in Singapore, Contestation: Mass Openness. Featuring Chinese artist Gao Weigang (b. 1976) and Singaporean artist Francis Ng (b. 1975), the exhibition contends with the gravitational sense of time and the relational attitude inherent to the narratives attached to materials and their tendencies through dimensional space. Works by the two artists will be featured at both the Gillman Barracks and Dempsey Hill spaces in Singapore.

New and past works will be included in this show, demonstrating the particularity of the artists’ chosen media, specifically within the media’s traditions and history. The artwork produced and the discourse generated plugs into and enlivens the broader dialogue about the relationship between concept and material. Thus, unresolved conflicts and contrasting perspectives are generated within the spaces of the exhibition.

Selected works