8 August–1 September, 2010


2010 Graphimage by Wei Ligang



Wei Ligang, a pioneering figure of Chinese Contemporary calligraphy, dedicates his first solo show at Contrasts Gallery to the Chinese Unicorn (QÍ) – one of the most mysterious totemic creatures in Chinese mythology. In Wei’s aesthetic, the Gold Unicorn symbolizes the creative power of writing, the vital and mysterious energy of Chinese characters. Wei’s use of thick black against the golden background illustrates the grapheme itself under different shapes. “QÍ” represents the miraculous and powerful aspect of Wei’s painting. Like the Chinese Unicorn’s spirit, Wei’s strokes are mysterious and unpredictable, yet punctuated by a palpable strength and totemic power. Gold is the noble, luminous and wise world of Wei’s Graphimage, which embodies the long Chinese cultural heritage and recalls the elegance of the Ancient State.

Selected works