30 April–16 June, 2010

Mind Space Maximalism in Contrasts

Featuring works by Zhu Jinshi, Zhang Yu, Lei Hong and He Xiangyu



SHANGHAI—Contrasts Gallery will present MIND SPACE, an exhibition curated by Gao Minglu that will feature the work of artists Zhu Jinshi, Zhang Yu, Lei Hong and He Xiangyu. The exhibition will explore MAXIMALISM —the philosophical core of Chinese abstract art and a concept that places emphasis on the spiritual experience of the artist in the process of creation. Maximalism’s primary objective is to question and overthrow assumptions about the meaning of art.

In Maximalist theory, the meaning of a painting is not expressed by its surface or subject matter and a painting is not considered a unique and privileged product of human culture containing commonly held values of virtue and creativity. According to Maximalists, the meaning of art goes beyond language (yan bu jin yi) and comes from a dialogue between the artist and the material object and is a response to the rapidly changing material world.

Selected works