10 October–11 November, 2010

Shao Fan an Incurable Classicist



Shao Fan’s paintings are modern interpretations of traditional ‘Literati’ thought and aesthetics, exploring the ramifications of philosophical and cultural changes taking place in China today. His first major solo exhibition, An Incurable Classicist takes this exploration to new heights, crossing the chasm where tradition and contemporary converge, and the individual becomes one with nature.

Shao re-contextualizes ancient Chinese philosophy, creating balance and unity between Man and Nature. Taking inspiration from ancestral painting styles, Shao’s beautifully executed portraits are unusual and cryptic. A hare is not merely a hare, a deer not merely a deer. Shao Fan shows the spirit that exists in every living creature and that every living thing in the universe, man and nature alike, are one. He portrays the traditional Chinese style of painting, where form takes precedence over detail. By being detached from social constraints and Western influence, he explores the Taoist concept of being truly integrated with the Universe. His ultimate goal is the union of Self and Nature, which is the epitome of aesthetic achievement.

Selected works