18 Sep 2015

Ocula | Sydney Contemporary Wrap

Ocula has published a post about Pearl Lam Galleries in Sydney Contemporary 2015.

“A marble bench sat out of the front of the Pearl Lam Galleries stand at the Sydney Contemporary art fair last week. Inscribed with Chinese characters, and without a card stating the artist or artwork title, many visitors simply passed it by.

Those who could read the inscription, and those who asked, found out it said: Don’t put too much faith in experts. Dealer Pearl Lam had commissioned the work from Jenny Holzer and the truism rang especially sharp on the floor of Sydney Contemporary.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 17.07.19

Jenny Holzer at Pearl Lam Galleries. Photo: © Meg Porteous & Ocula

Ocula | Hong Kong | Jane O’Sullivan | 15 September 2015