Public Hours:      11–19 March, 11am–7pm; 20 March, 11am–6pm
Public Opening:  11–20 March

About the Fair

TEFAF Maastricht 2016               Stand535

MECC Maastricht, Forum 100, 6229 GV Maastricht, the Netherlands

The Galleries will be the first Hong Kong-based gallery, and one of only three galleries from Asia, to participate in the Modern sector of the fair. Participation in TEFAF demonstrates the Galleries’ increasing presence in Europe, building on its foundation in Asia with two gallery spaces in Hong Kong, one in Shanghai, and one in Singapore. The stand will focus on two solo shows by Chinese abstract contemporary artists Su Xiaobai and Zhu Jinshi, who will each exhibit six painting works. Both artists are representative of Yi Pai, a holistic theory of art developed by Professor Gao Minglu to better understand Chinese avant-garde, modern, and contemporary art, which Gao posits are all rooted in traditional Chinese philosophies and culture, but are also influenced by the artists’ present realities.* This will be the first time that each artist is exhibiting at the fair. As part of a legendary generation of artists who left China in the 1980s, both Su Xiaobai and Zhu Jinshi lived in Germany for a number of years, Dusseldorf and Berlin respectively, before returning to China. This has granted them unique perspectives on contemporary art, as they incorporate both traditional Chinese and Western influences into their practices.

“I’m thrilled that, for the first time, Pearl Lam Galleries will be participating in TEFAF Maastricht. It’s a pleasure to know that we are the first Hong Kong-based gallery to exhibit in the Modern sector of this prestigious art fair. Both Su Xiaobai’s and Zhu Jinshi’s works incorporate traditional Chinese and modern influences in unique styles. I am especially excited to expose them to a wider international audience and continue the discourse on different forms of Chinese contemporary art.”

—Pearl Lam, Founder, Pearl Lam Galleries