12 Feb 2018

ARTLYST | Luke Heng: After Asphodel – Singapore Artist Profile – Eva Wong Navan

Feb 11, 2018 | by Eva Wong Navan


Pearl Lam Galleries, Singapore, is situated at Gillman Barracks, one of Singapore’s several art hubs. There, Heng’s current exhibition is entitled, ‘After Asphodel’. Asphodel is a plant often associated with death. In the Greek Underworld, the Asphodel Meadow—a liminal space—is where souls are sent to live after death. In producing the works exhibited, Heng is seeking to understand Christian eschatology—what Christians understand to be ‘the end of times’. In many ways, Heng’s art is a reflection of his personal responses to life and death, especially in ‘After Asphodel’.


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