11 Jan 2024

Artsy | Iconic London restaurant sketch announces a year-long “takeover” series with Pearl Lam.

Pearl Lam, the founder of Hong Kong and Shanghai–based Pearl Lam Galleries, will “take over” London’s eccentric fine dining establishment sketch by hosting a series of art exhibitions throughout 2024 and early 2025. 

Starting on January 11th, Chinese designer Danful Yang inaugurates the series with a porcelain wall installation, works with glass perfume bottles, and handmade embroidery on canvas and foam packing boxes, intended as a comment on global consumerism. 

The series will continue in March with Nigerian artist Alimi Adewale’s work, which explores African heritage and identity. British graffiti-inspired artist Mr Doodle will follow in May, bringing his squiggling, geometric designs to sketch’s iconic bathroom pods. Then, the series will align with the Lunar New Year in early 2025, featuring Chinese artist Zhu Peihong and architect Lilyo Zhao, who will collaborate on an abstract installation inspired by Eastern spirituality.