Contemporary dance performance at Pearl Lam Galleries Shanghai

  On August 2th, Contemporary dancer Li lingxi presented an impressive and mind-blowing performance at Pearl Lam Galleries Shanghai. Li lingxi’s exquisite performance and the current exhibition of Japanese Artist Sayaka Ishizuka brought out the best of each other.   Here are some amazing pictures we want to share with you.        

Pearl Lam Galleries Artist Wang Tiande Solo Exhibition HOU SHAN at Suzhou Museum

Hou Shan belongs to Wang Tiande but it is not alone. The collections in Suzhou Museum together with its contexts and histories make “the mountains in front” for this exhibition. In the Hou Shan exhibition, ancient landscape paintings echo with contemporary landscape paintings, mountains in paintings echo with mountains in reality. It is right now

Color extending—Lan Zhenghui Solo Exhibition, Toronto

    Color extending– Lan Zhenghui Solo Exbihition, Toronto   Venue:Canadian Fine Arts Gallery Address:577 Mt. Pleasant Rd., Toronto, ON, M4S 2M5 Duration:June 5 – June 15, 2014 Opening: June 7, 2014/ 3pm-5pm   Lan Zhenghui, is a contemporary artist who is active in Beijing and Toronto, and is known for his monumental abstract-ink painting.

Su Xiaobai’s simplicity graces Art Basel Hong Kong 2014

  By his own admission, German-trained, Shanghai-based Chinese contemporary artist Su Xiaobai prefers simplicity. Whether it is a preference for standard business hours over nocturnal habits, or pureness over complication, Su transfers this drama-free lifestyle into his actual work, which was on display at several venues during Art Basel Hong Kong 2014.   Su Xiaobai:

Pearl Lam Galleries Artist be honored at Brooklyn Artists Ball

  On April 16th, 2014, the Brooklyn Museum celebrated art patrons, Pearl Lam Galleries artist Jenny Holzer with an exclusive and glamorous gala.