27 May 2014

Color extending—Lan Zhenghui Solo Exhibition, Toronto

Lan Zhenghui evite,邀请

Color extending– Lan Zhenghui Solo Exbihition, Toronto

Venue:Canadian Fine Arts Gallery

Address:577 Mt. Pleasant Rd., Toronto, ON, M4S 2M5

Duration:June 5 – June 15, 2014

Opening: June 7, 2014/ 3pm-5pm

Lan Zhenghui, is a contemporary artist who is active in Beijing and Toronto, and is known for his monumental abstract-ink painting. In 2006, he had a successful solo exhibition at the National Art Museum of China after being awarded a Grant from the Ontario Art Council, which allowed him to bring his unique art from North America to China. In 2010, as a featured artist at the Toronto Expo, his 10-meter-high ink-painting was presented and earned critical acclaim. In 2013, during the Art Basel-Miami Beach, an international gathering of top artists from around the world, Lan was included in one of the influential art exhibitions, “28 CHINESE"- the Rubell Family Collection, which is considered a barometer for Chinese contemporary art collectors. Lan was the only participant who works with ink.

Lan’s work is characterized by an abstract ink-splash style. Lan’s aesthetic moves deftly between the realms of the rational and irrational. He transmits the“strokes”of traditional Chinese calligraphy into the“structure”of modern painting, the “freehand” of traditional Chinese painting into the“expression”of modern painting.

Based on his good sense in visual arts, lan has been invited to create works by several international companies for brands such as BMW,Kiton (top bespoke), DS, Schiesser. He is an honored guest for the art seminar held by Mephisto, as well, he is the assigned artist of Volkswagen Phaeton VIP club.

Returning to the colorful world is an important part in Lan’s recent exploration. He is researching the best way to control the basic visual factor in multi-element situations, which needs a unique understanding from artist, so that eternal visual value with beauty & harmony can be generated.

From June 5-15, 2014 , Lan will present his new smaller polychromatic ink work at Canadian Fine Arts Gallery – one of the well known Canadian galleries in Toronto, Everyone is welcome to the show and come to share Lan Zhenghui’s unique art.

Curator:David Cheung
Gallery Contact:(416)5448806

Gallery Manager: Terri Roberton