05 Nov 2015

Creators Project – Vice | ‘Colossal Wood Sculptures Track Death and Regeneration’

The Creators Project has published a post of interview with Leonardo Drew.

A massive hanging black sculpture made of wood, paper, rope, a raccoon skull, and dead bird feathers emerges in abstract expressionist sculptor Leonardo Drew’s seminal 1989 woodwork, Number 8. It draws from Drew’s personal history, referencing Jackson Pollock’s all-over drip paintings, and Piet Mondrian’s use of the grid to allude to dawn and decay. Drew’s upcoming solo show, Leonardo Drew at Pearl Lam Galleries’ Pedder Building in Hong Kong, continues the Brooklyn-based artist career-long exploration of materiality and the cyclical nature of existence, and, for the first time, introduces color into the artist’s work.Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 5.16.11 pm

Creators Project – Vice | International | Antwaun Sargent | 3 November 2015

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