André Dubreuil (B. 1951)

André Dubreuil (B. 1951)

André Dubreuil is a leading figure in the realm of contemporary decorative arts. The artist was born in 1951 in Lyon, France, and was educated in London at the Inchbald School of Design. Since then he has traveled extensively to various nations, observing the craft and design products of different cultures as he goes.


Made famous in 1986 by his “Spine” chair, Dubreuil has proven himself to be an inventive and innovative designer, experimenting with shape, structure, and materials to produce furniture, ceramics, and lighting that play with and simultaneously break from customary designs. The artist has been influenced by classical European and Asian antiquities, but is not known to produce objects that could be categorized as traditional craft.


Dubreuil’s furniture collection includes chairs, cabinets, desks, and tables, among other pieces. Works such as his Enamel Cabinet loosely mimic a typical design, but the overall aesthetic appearance is anything but standard. Pure and brightly colored sections of the exterior are bounded by undulating lines inspired by both organic and geometric shapes. A mixture of textures and materials gives the piece a luxurious and ornamental façade while the work still maintains a functional capability.


The ceramic works of Dubreuil again show his creativity within the sphere of decorative arts. His porcelain works range from the functionally decorative, such as vases and candle holders (such as the ‘Ribbon Vase’ series), to the purely decorative, such as painted pairs of running shoes (entitled ‘Dike Shoes’). Either way, Dubreuil’s craftsmanship is apparent in his finished products as their detail and visual appeal cannot be ignored.


Working in a range of materials from wood to metal and porcelain to cloisonné, Andre Dubreuil may be considered an artisan as much as an artist and designer. His intricate and aesthetically captivating pieces are all uniquely a product of his own construction, and whether it is a chair, a lighting fixture, or something in between, each is distinctively Dubreuil.


André Dubreuil has his work exhibited all over the world, in major international hubs such as Paris, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Milan, and New York, among others.


Dubreuil’s designs and decorative artwork have found appreciative audiences across the globe, and his creations can be found in the permanent collections of important museums such as the Victoria and Albert in London.  He currently lives and works in Paris.