XYZ Design (B. 1997)

XYZ Design (B. 1997)

XYZ Design is a design consortium led by Pearl Lam.  This collective group of artists and designers work with the guiding principal that art is an inclusive, not exclusive, medium and that they should be free to experiment with new modes of expression, new materials, and new techniques.


XYZ Design wishes to incorporate aspects of traditional Chinese culture into its products, and attempts to not only preserve aspects of an ancient society that is rapidly being subsumed by imported movies and music, but also to reinterpret century-old designs in a modern way.  The pieces created under this guiding philosophy are visual metaphors of the contemporary state of China: opulent, larger-than-life, powerful, and inspirational.


It is clear when looking at XYZ Design products that “anything goes”, and those things that constrain and inhibit most artists, such as ingrained prejudices against functional design and exploring new materials, do not apply.


Fine Art and Design are seamlessly incorporated, industrial materials such as titanium are adapted to sculptural uses, and thousand-year-old Chinese art and craft techniques are employed to express twenty-first century ideas.

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