22 November, 2018–3 Jan, 2019

Before the Beginning and After the End

JIN MEYERSON solo exhibition

Hong Kong


Before the Beginning and After the End is a solo exhibition by Jin Meyerson, an American artist of Korean heritage, who is currently based in Seoul. The exhibition is a singular universal, albeit at times bewildering narrative envisioned by the artist’s deeply personal and culturally global experiences. Meyerson is an early pioneer of the use of computer graphics and image sampling, and a self-confessed visual junkie. On view is a bundled network of paintings and works on paper drawn from the past decade and presented collectively like a greatest hits/misses album. For Meyerson, the paintings are a commentary on our contemporary perceptions of the historical present and the history of painting itself. With the speed and pace of today’s world of images and stories, our experiences are increasingly temporary, fleeting, and almost entirely indiscernible.

Meyerson states, “And yet, through the cacophony, universal forms and stories persist. Like singular pure notes that ring true, despite the symphonic blunderbuss of noise, when we listen, look closely, and endure, a mono-myth emerges. Compounding any sense of comprehension is the accumulation of history. Every minute in the present is the oldest in the record of humanity. We live in a time where the reorganization of our perceptions of history is constantly being updated by jostling, competing cultures, opinions and agendas. To this degree, the evolution of our perceptions and the ability to digest simultaneous multiple images and meanings has now evolved to where we can view several distinctive sources without losing sight of the conceptual whole.” The artworks displayed here are in essence an exercise and celebration of this newly evolved ability of global human perception.

Selected works