12 September–11 October, 2012

Dust From The Heart: Five Chinese Women Artists and Their Journeys

Featuring works by Xiao Lu, Juju Sun, He Chengyao, Cui Xiuwen, and Cai Jin

Hong Kong


Pearl Lam Galleries is pleased to present the exhibition, Dust from the Heart: Five Chinese Women Artists and Their Journeys, which reveals the personal journeys of five female artists over the last 30 years of dramatic change in China. Opening to the public on Wednesday, 12 September, the varied narratives of each woman artist are presented through their works ranging from video and installation to photography and painting. The exhibition aims to explore each of their reactions to life in the unique historical, social and cultural context of contemporary China.

The exhibition title references the Chinese proverb Yi Chen Bu Ran / ⼀塵不染 literally meaning “dustfree” and commonly used to describe an individual free from anguish, grief and suffering. By exploring each artist’s different paths and what constitutes “dust” in their hearts, the exhibition aims to broaden the dialogue on the complicated history of women in China alongside historical, political and cultural realities.

Selected works