8 September–8 October, 2012

Fictional Recoveries

Featuring works by Morgan Wong, Ng Joon Kiat, Li Ming, Wang Zhibo, and Shang Yixin



‘Fictional Recoveries’ presents video, paintings and installations by five leading Asian emerging artists: Morgan Wong (Hong Kong), Ng Joon Kiat (Singapore), Li Ming (Hangzhou), Wang Zhibo (Hangzhou), and Shang Yixin (Hangzhou). The exhibition investigates each artist’s genuine intention to propagate human ideals through their works to the broader public and how they recuperate when faced with repeated rejection when doing so. Curator David Chan comments, “Fictional Recoveries explores our expectations of young artists. I believe despite a failed avant-garde movement, we still desire to use art as a catalyst for changing our society, and young artists are very much at the forefront of trying to achieve that noble mission.”

Selected works