17 June–27 August, 2017


Featuring works by Cai Zebin, Dai Chenlian, Ju Anqi, Liang Ban, Liu Mengxing, Pan Jianfeng, Shi Yiran, Song Chen, Tang Bohua, Tao Yi, Wang Ji, Wu Di, Xia Qingyong, Xu Dawei, Xu Xinwu, Yan Heng, Zheng Lu, and Zhong Yunshu



Inexplicable is a group exhibition of 18 Chinese young artists, revolving around their imaginative and incredible creations. With a booming and fast-moving pop culture in China, young artists are constantly exposed to all kinds of inspiration, ranging from social media, fiction and movies, magazines, and daily life in a globalized context. This exhibition explores Chinese traditions and modernization, fantasy and science fiction, as well as literary narrative and social realism. The title Inexplicable refers to an experience that is indescribable and inconceivable to the beholder. The show aims to introduce audiences to multi-faceted styles of art forms that are made by millennials, whose works mirror the society in which they dwell.

Selected works