9 March–30 April, 2015

Landscapes of the Heart — The Abstract Art of Su Dong Ping

Su Dong Ping - Solo Exhibition



Shanghai—Pearl Lam Galleries Shanghai is pleased to present Landscapes of the Heart, Chinese abstract artist Su Dong Ping’s inaugural solo exhibition with the gallery. The exhibition will feature approximately twenty of the artist’s recent small-scale and large-scale paintings, composed of oil and mixed media on canvas, or acrylic on plastic board.

Su’s ‘action paintings’, full of rich contradictions and feelings, consist of thick impasto layered with raw images and a combination of compact and expansive brushwork. His masterful use of black in conjunction with an array of contrasting colours produces strong works that radiate energy. In fact, Su believes that the quality of an artwork should solely be determined by the amount of energy the artist expends in its creation.

Selected works