31 March–18 June, 2023

“Mr Doodle in Love” Mr Doodle’s first museum solo show in Central China

Wuhan, China


Following a successful run at chi K11 Art Museum in Shanghai last spring, Pearl Lam Galleries is proud to announce that the latest iteration of the exhibition Mr Doodle in Love will open at chi K11 art space in Wuhan this Thursday. Audiences in central China will have the opportunity to view works that celebrate the British artist’s love story with his wife Mrs Doodle through illustrations of their everyday world and joyful moments. Mrs Doodle has brought happiness to Mr Doodle’s life, as the black and white doodles become tinted with bright colours. Viewers will become immersed in the world of Mr Doodle and feel his infectious love of doodling!

About the Artist

Mr Doodle represents a new generation of artists, bringing doodling as a contemporary art form to the masses, showing at museum exhibitions globally. Identifying with street and urban art, Mr Doodle has constructed a whole new visual phenomenon: his DoodleWorld, where he manifests his vision of the world, producing mesmerising and dense clusters of characters, objects and patterns that grow and multiply relentlessly.