16 September – 30 October, 2016


Featuring works by Andy Dewantoro, Aditya Novali, and Yudi Sulistyo



Singapore—Pearl Lam Galleries is pleased to present PLUGGED, a group exhibition featuring the works of contemporary Indonesian artists Andy Dewantoro, Aditya Novali, and Yudi Sulistyo. Inspired by the word “plug” and its semantic contradictions, the exhibition seeks to create a transitional space between a beginning and an end, bringing together the work of three artists of vastly different methodologies and mediums. The exhibition explores the multiple meanings in each of their works, including discourse on man’s relationship with nature, technology, and each other.

Yudi Sulistyo’s works are inspired by his childhood memories of making toys from recycled materials and watching war-themed movies with his father. Sulistyo’s sculptural installation of a four-metre plane, modelled realistically after a North American P-51 Mustang, thrusts forth into the exhibition area, disrupting the usually immaculate gallery space. In other areas, a decrepit robust rocket stands imposingly, dominating the physical space. Parts of the artworks are deliberately wrecked, revealing accurately imagined and meticulously created internal mechanical components. Sulistyo’s selfimagined models of damaged militaristic vehicles are not a projection of the near future but a snapshot of the present; they are a dismal depiction of the shortcomings of technological development and the catastrophes that result from our inability to control the powers we seek to harness. Their fragile nature undermines the destructive powers of the war machines he chooses to recreate, removing their power and reducing them to things of beauty.

Selected works