24 March–3 May, 2014

The Pattern of the City: Juju Sun’s New Paintings

Juju Sun’s solo show



Shanghai—Pearl Lam Galleries is delighted to present a major solo exhibition of Chinese artist Juju Sun, The Pattern of the City: Juju Sun’s New Paintings, curated by the renowned Chinese art scholar Gao Minglu. The exhibition will run from 24 March to 3 May, 2014.

This exhibition includes 20 new works created in 2013 with vibrant contrasting colours and delicate textures visible in between numerous layers of paint. Inspired by cityscapes such as that of New York, Juju Sun seeks to express her personal responses, her sensory perceptions to urban landscapes and rapid industrialisation—the skyscrapers in Manhattan, the dazzling glare off glass building façades, neon-lit billboards—and inner spiritual world into a visual language in this new series of paintings.

Boldly experimenting with unconventional or extreme paint colours, applied either in square and rectangular blocks or linear brushstrokes that are placed in contrast in pursuit of a new visual balance and fresh aesthetic experience, Juju Sun pushes the boundaries in her own artistic practices.

Selected works