28 July–15 September, 2018


Featuring works by Li Yongbin, Mu Xue, Shi Yiran, Tao Yi, Wu Chao, Zhou Maiyou, Zhu Xiaohe, and Zhu Jinshi



Pearl Lam Galleries is pleased to present the summer group exhibition Undercurrents in Shanghai, organized by the galleries’ associate curator Xia Jing. Through a presentation of diverse and independent practices by each exhibiting artist, the exhibition interweaves hidden clues as to how remains of the past renew themselves in the present day and how poetics and critical thoughts complement each other. The exhibition also explores recurring key words such as self-consciousness and perceptual vitality, as well as imagination and its penetration into reality, which are “potentials” that call for the challenging of existing boundaries, alertness of consciousness, and visibility of silent thoughts. Participating artists include Li Yongbin (b. 1963), Mu Xue (b. 1979), Shi Yiran (b. 1983), Tao Yi (b. 1978), Wu Chao (b. 1977), Zhou Maiyou (b. 1936), Zhu Xiaohe (b. 1956), and Zhu Jinshi (b. 1954). As a special feature, the exhibition will present both early and recent works by Star Group member Zhou Maiyou, which have never been exhibited before, together with works from the 1980s by Zhu Jinshi, to whom Zhou Maiyou has been both a mentor and friend. The revealing of both historic and current works to the public casts doubt on how modernity and contemporaneity are defined in today’s art.

Selected works