3 November-30 December, 2018

Vacuum. Dry Land. Into the Room

NI ZHIQI solo exhibition



Pearl Lam Galleries is pleased to present a debut solo exhibition for Ni Zhiqi in Shanghai, Vacuum. Dry Land. Into the Room, which brings together his mixed media paintings produced in recent years as well as selections from the past two decades. Ni is a collagist in the way he executes and explores mark-making, and the exhibition can be considered as an evocative mapping of fragmented spatial territories, disclosed through an active engagement with the show as a whole.

Patterns, scribbles, dynamics, perception, and play are spaces and movements in themselves; they are generators of multiple experiences and key elements of a creative path that strive towards constant connectivity, trying to find a way to explore ideas of chance and circumstances. Process, or rather the evidence of process, is the primary focus of Ni’s artworks. The Shanghai-based artist realizes them freehand without the assistance of either preparatory blueprints or technological aids. In short, they long for the nature that eventually will suggest its very richness—both structural and textural.

Selected works