18 Sep 2015

Hong Kong Tatler | Pino Pinelli’s ‘Pittura’ at Pearl Lam Galleries Soho

Hong Kong Tatler has published a post about Pearl Lam Galleries Soho Exhibition ‘Pittura’. Pittura is Italian for the very act of “making paint” and Pearl Lam Galleries Soho is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of works by Pino Pinelli’s work in Asia. Presenting 12 pieces of the artist’s work, the consistent feature of the exhibit is the fundamental colour, red, and a neutral colour, grey. The exhibited works span nearly 40 years of the artist’s career and include both important and historical works from the 1970s and 1980s, all of which are presented in Asia for the first time.

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Pino Pinelli b.1938, Pittura GR, 1996, Mixed media, 22 x 54 cm each x 6 pieces 


Hong Kong Tatler | Hong Kong | Christian Barlow | 7 September 2015

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