Blouin Artinfo | Michael Wilkinson Reflects on Repression, the Boston Bombings, and Pink Floyd in China

SHANGHAI — In the late ’70s, Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood’s punk culture store Seditionaries was decorated with wallpaper depicting Dresden after it was firebombed by the British during World War II. Michael Wilkinson drew…

22 May 2013

Ta Kung Pao | Jim Lambie Installation Art Shown in HK

Zhang Guangqiang, 19 April 2013 Jim Lambie装置艺术在港展出

22 May 2013

Ming Pao | Jim Lambie: Stimulate Imagination Vortex

By Lin Xi’er, 26 April 2013 Jim Lambie 誘發想像 漩渦

17 May 2013

Blouin Artinfo | Jim Lambie Gives Pearl Lam Gallery A Psychedelic Rock Makeover

HONG KONG — Scottish artist Jim Lambie has created a visual metaphor for music in his current installation “The Flowers of Romance” at Pearl Lam Gallery in Hong Kong that will run through to May…

17 May 2013

Randian | Jason Martin Sensual Monsters

“Sacred Masters, Sacred Monsters: Denizens of the Demonic Demagogue,” Solo exhibition by Jason Martin. Pearl Lam Galleries Hong Kong (6/F, Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong). Mar 15, 2013 – Apr 10, 2013…

17 May 2013

Su Xiaobai’s Solo Exhibition at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

TAIWAN— Grand Immensity-the Art of Xiaobai Su features a total of 33 pieces of painting and installation art created by Su Xiaobai in the years between 2006 and 2013. These works demonstrate how the artist creates…

17 May 2013

Wallpaper* | Gallerist Pearl Lam docks Zhu Jinshi’s ‘Boat’ at Art13 London

An ambitious paper and bamboo installation by Chinese artist Zhu Jinshi was the centerpiece of Art13 London, a new international art fair that launched last week with a similarly impressive scope. ’Boat’ is the masterwork…

13 Mar 2013

ARTRON | Su Xiaobai: Artists’ Work is to Choose Order from Disorder

By Pan Huimin, Qiu Haoran, 21 Janurary 2013 苏笑柏 华南站_雅昌艺术网 21 Jan 2013

11 Mar 2013

City Weekend | Beyond the Canvas, Oil Painting at the Intersection of Time, Space, and Nature

By Rachael Harris, 21 February 2013 Li Xiaojing City Weekend Feb 2013

11 Mar 2013