My Modern Met | Elaborate World Maps Made of Beeswax by Ren Ri

My Modern Met has published an article about Ren Ri: Yuansu Projects at Hong Kong SOHO Pearl Lam Galleries. Artist Ren Ri created a series of artworks by collaborating with honeybees. The exhibition is available…

26 Mar 2015

Art Forum | Ren Ri: Yuansu Projects

Art Forum reviews Hong Kong SOHO Pearl Lam Galleries Exhibition Ren Ri: Yuansu Projects.   Ren Ri: Yuansu Projects at Hong Kong SOHO Pearl Lam Galleries   Art Forum | March 20, 2015 Ren Ri By Ysabelle Cheung…

26 Mar 2015

South China Morning Post | Hong Kong Full of Creativity as Galleries Channel Art Basel Buzz

South China Morning Post has published a review on Zhu Jinshi: Boat at Exchanged Square and Perfection by Chance – A Yi Pai Series Exhibition at Hong Kong Pearl Lam Galleries.     Zhu Jinshi:…

25 Mar 2015

Wallpaper* | Light Shows and Pink Feathers: How Art Basel 2015 Took Over Hong Kong

Wallpaper has published a review on Zhu Jinshi: Boat at Exchange Square and Ren Ri: Yuansu Projects at Hong Kong SOHO Pearl Lam Galleries. Zhu Jinshi: Boat at Exchange Square   Wallpaper* | March 17, 2015 ‘Light Shows and…

25 Mar 2015

South China Morning Post | Focus on Traditional and Contemporary Chinese Art

South China Morning Post focused on traditional and contemporary Chinese art that can be seen around the city. There is a special focus on Pearl Lam Galleries Artist Zhu Jinshi’s installation work boat.   Please…

21 Mar 2015

Wall Street Journal | Art Basel Hong Kong

The Wall Street Journal has published a report on what to expect at Art Basel in Hong Kong, Pearl Lam Galleries Artist Yinka Shonibare’s Cake Kid has been selected as a highlight of the show.  

21 Mar 2015

International New York Times | Art Basel Hong Kong

The International New York Times has published a full page feature on Art Basel in Hong Kong which highlights Pearl Lam Galleries Artist Qin Yufen’s work at the booth. Please click here for more info

21 Mar 2015

Artron | Perfection by Chance – A Yi Pai Series Exhibition

Curated by Gao Minglu ‘Perfection by Chance – A Yi Pai series exhibition’ re-examine the notion of Chinese Abstract art Artron | Unaccredited | March 6, 2015 See more here

11 Mar 2015

Peter Peri at Drawing Biennial 2015

Exhibition: 05 March – 30 April Auction: 16 April 10am – 30 April 9pm Peter Peri Brother Body, 2015 graphite on unbleached page 29.5 x 19.8 cm   See more at here

08 Mar 2015