Randian | Shares the highlights of Pearl Lam Galleries ‘After Time’ Exhibition

Randian introduced Pearl Lam Galleries exhibition ‘After Time’ and share with the reader the highlights of Morgan Wong’s durational performance, the sulpture of Chung Seoyoung and the photographic prints from Erica Lai.   See more at…

27 Jul 2014

Press congratulate the successful opening of Pearl Lam Galleries new exhibition ‘After Time’

Artinasia | 22 July 2014 After Time By Karen Wong http://www.artinasia.com/galleryDetail.php?catID=1&galleryID=2713&view=7&eventID=25470   Ocula | 24 July, 2014 Chung Seoyoung, Erica Lai, Morgan Wong After Time at Pearl Lam Galleries, Hong Kong By Anna Dickie http://ocula.com/art-exhibitions/pearl-lam-galleries-hong-kong/after-time/…

25 Jul 2014

Belle Magazine | Reports on Pearl Lam Galleries

Belle Magazine reports on Pearl Lam Gallery making its inaugural debut at Melbourne Art Fair this year  

09 Jul 2014

Precious Magazine | ‘Su Xiaobai—Painting and Being’

Precious Magazine, July 2014  

08 Jul 2014

Bazaar Men Lifestyle | About Pearl Lam gallery at Art Basel Hong Kong

Bazaar Men Lifestyle magazine features an article about Art Basel in Hong Kong, including the sales record of Zhu Jinshi’s painting. Image of the Pearl Lam gallery booth illustrates the article.

08 Jul 2014

Art Clip reports on Pearl Lam gallery artist Sayaka Ishizuka exhibition

Art Clip exclusive interview with Japanese contemporary artist Sayaka Ishuzuka about her exhibition “Life Threads” at Pearl Lam art gallery.   

08 Jul 2014


19 Jun 2014

Centurion Issue 3 | “Market Force”

See more of Pearl Lam Galleries at Centurion_p68-73_Issue 3 2014

17 Jun 2014

WCity.com | “Pearl Lam Design at Design Miami/Basel 2014”

Returning with a magnificent collection of works by international designers whom have incorporated local Chinese craft ideas through their travel to China; this 2014, Pearl Lam Design is presenting a whole wide range of arts…

17 Jun 2014