South China Morning Post | ‘Déjà Disparu’

By John Batten, August 27, 2013 South China Morning Post, Déjà Disparu

28 Aug 2013

Workshop, Talk&Dialogue on 7th September 2013

Pearl Lam Galleries cordially invite you to attend our events on Saturday, 7th September. 13:00 – 14:00 Callilgraphy Master Qiu Zhenzhong’s Workshop Qiu Zhenzhong will present his treasured oriental art form and allow us to explore…

22 Aug 2013

Blouin Artinfo | Jenny Holzer LED Installation to Debut in HK

Holzer will present “Light Stream” (2013) at Pearl Lam Galleries Hong Kong from September 18 to November 2. The piece combines selected phrases from Holzer’s past series centered on text: “Truisms (1977-79),” “Living (1980-82),” and…

13 Aug 2013

Ming Pao | searching for the lost scene

By Lin Yun’er, August 9, 2013 明報,尋找消失的景象

13 Aug 2013

Sing Tao | Group Exhibition of Multi-media Artists Works in the 1990s

August 4, 2013 Sing Tao, 90年代多媒體藝術家作品群展

13 Aug 2013

Xinhua | Contemporary Artists Multi Media Exhibition in HK

By Yin Liyun, July 25, 2013 Xinhua Net, Contemporary Artists Multi Media Exhibition in HK

02 Aug 2013

City Weekend | Body Politic

In “Crush Me,” his first solo exhibition in China, Entang Wiharso displays an aesthetic that is at once disturbing and surreal as it is appealing and brutally real. Prize-winning Wiharso was born in 1967 and…

02 Aug 2013

BLOUIN ARTINFO | “Déjà Disparu,” Romanticizing the 1990s

HONG KONG — “Déjà Disparu,” which opens today at Pearl Lam Gallery Hong Kong, is an exhibition of artworks from the 1980s and 1990s, but the pieces feel surprisingly contemporary. Early works by now established…

02 Aug 2013

Art Emperor | Zhu Jinshi’s Solo Exhibition at Hong Kong Pearl Lam Galleries

May 22, 2013 Art Emperor-Zhu Jinshi

02 Aug 2013