24 Jun 2024

Philip Colbert’s Museum show ‘The Myth of the Lobster Planet’ at K11 Shenyang is now on view till 25th August

Installation View, ‘The Myth of the Lobster Planet’ at Shenyang K11 Art Mall

Supported by Pearl Lam Galleries, this exhibition showcases over 40 representative artworks by Colbert, spanning a range of mediums including painting, sculpture, giant installation, video, and furniture design. 

At the heart of Colbert’s artistic practice is an in-depth examination of contemporary popular culture and its relationship to art history. His works trace back to classic masterpieces, paying tribute to the famous masters of classicism, pop art, and surrealism. 

Don’t miss the chance to explore Colbert’s world of multi-dimensional and surreal pop art!

Exhibition: The Myth of The Lobster Planet

Duration: 2024.5.1-8.25

Venue:L4 Art Space,Shenyang K11 Art Mall

For more details, please contact info@pearllamgalleries.com and visit https://www.k11artfoundation.org/