9 Dec-12 Feb, 2021

A Thousand Layers of Stomach

A Solo Exhibition by A.A. Murakami

Hong Kong


A.A. Murakami are the artists behind Studio Swine (Super Wide Interdisciplinary New Explorers). Working across the media of architecture, sculpture, installation, and film, their work explores the future of resources in the age of globalization.

Drawn from Metabolism, a post-war architectural movement originating in Japan with an idea of rebirth of the built environment, A Thousand Layers of Stomach is an exhibition that simulates an endless state of change in a culture like the constant change that occurs in living cells.

A.A. Murakami examines the cyclical and metamorphic relationships between nature, the built environment, the human body, and their interaction with ecology, technology, and geology. Broken down into complementary modules, this immersive exhibition projects visions of what future anthropology, material culture, and processes of regeneration may hold in the post-technological era.

Selected works