20 August-20 November, 2022

Abstract Doodlism

A Solo Exhibition by Mr Doodle



“My intention is to spread a doodle virus that can consume as many surfaces and objects in as many different parts of the world as possible”. This is the motivation of Mr Doodle. Design Society and Pearl Lam Galleries are pleased to present the first solo exhibition of British artist Mr Doodle in Shenzhen. We hope that through this exhibition, he could relate to the audience in Shenzhen.

The creation of Mr Doodle begins with the first character: He endows this character with emotion, and from this, a series of other characters, objects, and patterns, such as monsters, clouds, cars, etc., are derived indefinitely and densely. A doodle is a continuation of his imagination. He uses a marker to interpret the impromptu stories in his mind on the wall.

Mr Doodle’s signature works involve doodle characters spread out smoothly in clean and neat lines. This time, he features a new series of multi-layered paintings titled ‘Abstract Doodlism’.

Inspired by the artist’s drawings he created while in a psychiatric hospital. The artist says, “I’ve taken my regular traditional doodles and really sort of multiplied them”. Mr Doodle has created an entirely new twist on his visual language. Executed in a faster, looser, messier approach, layers of lines lie on top of one another. These lines create the visual illusion of a ‘doodle vortex’. When immersed in each work, the characters and objects inside seem to be inviting you from the faraway DoodleWorld.

Now, let’s go through this ‘Doodle Vortex’ and enter the DoodleWorld created by Mr Doodle for us!

Selected works