15 November–28 December, 2018

Algorithm in ‘Object Recognition’

JOSÉ PATRÍCIO solo exhibition

Hong Kong H Queen's


Pearl Lam Galleries is delighted to present Algorithm in ‘Object Recognition’, the first solo exhibition by Brazilian artist José Patrício (b. 1960) in Hong Kong. Curated by Sarina Tang, the exhibition features 12 works, including a series of newly created pieces as well as a stunning floor installation, Imago Mundi, that is composed of approximately 8,000 dominoes.

Influenced by Concretism, Patrício’s work creates a sense of playfulness through the tension between predictability and indetermination, offering viewers an interpretation in a more sensitive and less automatized way. For several decades, Patrício has developed his own visual language by examining the traditional usage of various materials, such as buttons, dominoes, and dice. He utilizes these found objects to form geometric compositions and reveals the constructive tendency in Brazilian art. Instead of being organized at random, his work follows an order that provides multiple possibilities of reading: it is up to the audience to view the work in either ascending or descending numerical sequence in either a centripetal or centrifugal direction. This vertiginous experience of appreciation reinforces the playfulness and suggests the fact that repetition creates differences.

Selected works