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Artist Mr Doodle Brings Out His Most Mischievous Characters in NFT Artwork The Living Doodle, Auctioning on SuperRare on 27 September


The lucky buyer will receive the original canvas artwork in the artist’s most anticipated NFT single edition release where DoodleWorld characters attempt their escape into the digital realm.

Mr Doodle in partnership with Pearl Lam Galleries and SuperRare announces the debut of a new non-fungible token (NFT) artwork on 27 September, 2021, which showcases the true essence of his art form “graffiti spaghetti” available exclusively via SuperRare. Movement and sound bring a new dimension to his latest artwork, The Living Doodle, allowing viewers to fully immerse in and experience DoodleWorld in a way they never have before.

The scene begins calmly with just a few simple characters being drawn to life, but then, like a stretch of dominoes being knocked down, the action kicks off and characters begin to interact with each other in a fun way. The artist is particularly excited about this piece since it combines his traditional time-lapse format of doodles on canvas with animation. While he has created similar projects before, the combination of layering and stop motion animation provides a reimagination of his art and of its characters which were based on creatures and facial features that the artist found suitable for its mischievous nature.

“Most of the characters are cheekily trying to escape their chosen spots and are interacting with others in a funny way. Some of my favourites are the alien and the long-necked creature on the computer in the bottom right of the piece,” says Mr Doodle. “The characters are behaving mischievously because my style of work is called ‘graffiti spaghetti’ and, naturally, graffiti artists are generally up to trouble so therefore so are my characters!”

Mr Doodle is excited to give away the original canvas artwork to the winning bidder. The Living Doodle NFT will be auctioned as a single edition available for bidding on 27 September, starting at the following time: Los Angeles 8am / New York 11am / London 4pm / Beijing 11pm. For more information, please visit SuperRare.com.

To participate in the auction, register an account on SuperRare.com, then connect it to your preferred crypto wallet. All transactions on SuperRare are denominated in ETH.