27 November, 2013–10 January, 2014

Beyond Colour: Chinese Contemporary Art

Featuring works by André Kneib, Juju Sun, Lan Zhenghui, Li Lei and Qiu Deshu



Pearl Lam Galleries is pleased to present ‘Beyond Colour: Chinese Contemporary Art’, a group exhibition showcasing the work of five cross-generational abstract artists including André Kneib, Juju Sun, Lan Zhenghui, Li Lei and Qiu Deshu.

In contrast to ‘Beyond Black and White’, a group exhibition held at the gallery earlier this year, ‘Beyond Colour’ is a vibrant, visually arresting snapshot of the current epoch through colour in abstract painting.

It is unmistakably contemporary, yet also indicative of a thoughtful engagement with past developments in the use of colour across Chinese painting history. The works of these five artists demonstrate their diverse, unique relationships with colour, evoking a varied spectrum of educational backgrounds, schools of thought, cultural influences and time periods. Collectively, these artists envisage a contemporary abstract painting practice that inventively employs colour as a means of expression.

Selected works