17 April–15 May, 2013

The Flowers of Romance

Jim Lambie solo exhibition

Hong Kong


HONG KONG, 8 April 2013—Internationally acclaimed Scottish artist Jim Lambie takes over Pearl Lam Galleries Hong Kong with a major exhibition. The Flowers of Romance is opening to the public on Wednesday 17 April 2013. The exhibition showcases site- specific installations, which give an overview of Lambie’s creative output over the last decade, displaying a mixture of dynamic new works alongside iconic masterpieces from his oeuvre. Lambie’s work is a charged synthesis of colour, line and space, which he employs to challenge viewers’ perceptions. The Flowers of Romance, titled after an early British punk band from the 1970s and studio album by Public Image Ltd released in 1981, represents a unique opportunity to see a number of key works from Lambie’s career which reference popular culture and music.

Jim Lambie is a visual artist, musician and DJ from Glasgow, Scotland, whose global recognition was confirmed by his nomination for the Turner Prize in 2005. He specialises in colourful sculptural installations made from everyday modern materials and his practice evolves from a response to the psychology of space and colour. He utilises the two in a way that is deeply rooted in colour theory, and draws parallels with the concept of synesthesia, awakening various senses.

Selected works